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Loading data from XML file to Array

Erk, this two days I have been squishing my brain on how to dynamically assign value to my array. Yes, it just not enough after thinking on creating array that suit my data structure, now how do I get it in. I can do the old fashion and non-dynamic way but it’s not enough. Why? This is a prototype and it works fine. What happen when the real production start to come out? The data wont stay static forever and few changes must be made (I’m forecasting based on the seriousness of the owner) to complete this apps.

Well, it struck me to used recursive method on the array but I cant clone the node list. Thinking of using XPathQuery but it just start to eerie me back. For those who like a ref on XPath, you can read this two article:

  1. XQuery by W3School (Duh!)
  2. How to Query in C# by Big M (Do figure the headache eh mate?)

I’m referring to this at the moment and maybe I’ll add more just to share with all. Oh, still struggle with Pdf to Text Project. Man power is insufficient here. Help me!!!


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