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Visual Studio vs Visual Express

Ait, I was normally asked by my colleague regarding visual studio and where they can get the free version aka pirate copy. Normally I would suggest a shop at padang or mines or better yet if you have time, just went to lowyat. But that is the last option that I would give it to them. I will asked what kind of usage that they will be expecting from VS. As globally known, VS requires a lot (lot2) resource from your pc (in my case, notebook). If you have a pc with a little resource (yes, you install anti-virus, anti-spyware, massive background program etc) then you will experience a slow motion world in VS. Please don’t blame Bill Gates for this because they do mention the basic requirement at the back of your cd or dvd case. My mistake, you bought the pirate version and they change the cd case. Let’s go on.

How can you avoid all this trouble? I would suggest that you understand your need and requirement. Yes, VS have a lot of functionalities and feature that would help your development but do you really3 need it? Maybe we are unaware that we actually used only 40% of ms word functionalities. Yap, never though about eh? Do you ever used auto toc? indexing? And many other function that existed but fade by lack of knowledge. If you just need a simple drag n drop function, code editing space, compile and run function, then Visual Express is more than enough. MS also throw away for free sql server version if you need database. See, VE is good for student and night programmer like me (only I’m doing it by day) to do programming. For me, VS is for company and organization that need a faster, robust and secure development. It also help you coordinate among team member. Neat.

If you’re just one man show for one short term goal. Please don’t waste your mind n time to use VS. You need to learn more also. Too many button and icon. I don’t really work with too many function (simple minded guy). This is why I don’t play final fantasy. I played tekken, street fighter and go action game. Just hit the button and something will hit and be hit. Hehehehe…. So, final word. Pick the tool based on your need. Don’t over do it. Make it simple and easy. Tq


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This entry was posted on June 5, 2008 by in C#.
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