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Converting Pdf to Text

I just finish a work asked by someone (confidential) regarding converting pdf document to a text document.  I found few source code on the net explaining how to this. They even share the source code. Great, so I just need to patch here n there to make it nice (ie interface). At first, I was surprise why does the code doesn’t work. I thought it happen because the different version of VS that we used. Then I found my self wrong when I really2 read the code. Silly me.

It’s a console apps where you need to supply the document name when running it. You can’t just run it using run button. So I break the code and made few changes to ease my work. Yey! It’s done and ready to be used. Simple and only work with text. Maybe after this I’ll find a way to properly align the text and include picture rendering. Oh, I want to improve this apps but I got other commitment that need an urgent attention. Never mind. Next time, a better and complete apps will be release.

Sorry I can’t share the code right now. Maybe after I made some alteration I will put it here. So back to VE and try to finish my current project. Oh, selecting from dataGridView. Not easy.


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