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Sharp Develop – Open Source for C#

Hey, just found a comment on a book mentioning about SharpDevelop. It say’s that SharpDevelop IDE is more better that Microsoft Visual C# 2008. No comment on that because I just used IDE to drag n drop the menu n button. Other than that is pure programming. If you like to have an open source version, I would suggest you used SharpDevelop. Click here to go to the home page.

New C# Book n Rist Supporter

These 2 weeks I was (and still) working on php website. Yap, I need to add few feature (one actually, text editor) to dept website. Previously the content or text info used textarea but now I uses rich text editor. I get some comment from the user that they forget the html tag. This is the main reason why they dont used it. Ya, like all the content need a text editor. So as a responsible web developer, I try to add the feature. It just pain in the a**. I need to change my css file and eventually make some pages distorted. I’m still on the journey to fix this (be sure it will take a long time) as the main corncern is to make sure all the function run smooth. Maybe next time I will share how I manage to insert a rich text editor to our dept website.


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