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As usual, every month I got a news letter from microsoft (Yes, I’m fan based microsoft) that explain the latest news, article and etc that related to their development. Most of the time I just deleted it (Sorry BG) but today I got the time to read it a little bit. One of the article is reffering to the gadgets or power tools that other os (mac, linux etc) have and microsoft should have. Good article because it point out third party tools that can nearly do the same thing. Most of it is free but there are fews that you need to bought. I did browse through a few suggestion but at the end I decide to stay with the basic. Much faster in term performance (I run multiple Microsoft Visual Programming at the same time) and save a little bit of space (40 gb only).

There is one link to a share view apps. Quite nice because you can share your selected view (not all like my ym) with your friends. I have tried it with sazly. I like this tools because it could ease my communication in term of code writing n designing. My friend dont need to send their code to me (email), just share the view. In fact a lot faster because if you give the permission, that person can edit on the fly. A little drawback is it could be slowing down your machine. Make sure that you have enough power to run this tools.

Click here if you like to try it out. Share your view with me if you need any help 😀


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