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The topic that I’m working right now is “Creating Test Cases from Domain-Specific Visual Langugae using Model-Based Testing”.

My research is about how visual testing (in the sense of model) can help user to create their own test. There are a lot of tools out there that help novice user to create their own Domain-Specific Visual Language (DSVL). This is good but the verification and validation of the DSVL created is still done in a manual process and most of the user didn’t aware of it (and most of the time just ignore it). DSVL meta tools (i.e Marama) can sometimes be a little bit confusing and un-intentionally miss leading. What I’m trying to do is, to extend DSVL meta-tools capabilities from just application creation to a user acceptance test tool. Without have to learn new testing model language/rules, user can just extend their current DSVL model to facilitate/include a testing process. Selection of test and report in a helpful visual aid are some of the benefit. Furthermore, it is done automatically.

There, do you get it?


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This entry was posted on October 11, 2009 by in Life on Marama.
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