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I got a collection of pictures yesterday from a friend. I was a meeting that we had few weeks ago (ya, I was a bit late in updating the website..) with an important person. Normally I was the person who incharge of taking the pictures but this time around I was not that available. Kudos to Z (yes, just the initial) for taking a lot and good quality pictures. What trouble me is that the size of the image. It was taken using a canon dslr camera (if I remember it correctly). One image size is around 1.4 mb. The web server that we had can only support up to 500mb only. This is bad.

I google around and found that IrfanView is the best free software you can hope for. It has the capabilities to reduce the image size and still keep the aspect ratio. Furthermore you can do batch processing (Yay!). That solve all my trouble with the picture. After a while, our President YM me and suggest me to use Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Ya, for those who have MsO install, you can look it up under Ms Tool section. I never knew it was there :))

So there you go, two image editor for your usage. It really bug me why isn’t my firefox spell checker didn’t fireup when I made a typo. Gosh, I need to do something here. Bye… (mnid teh splleing msitkae).


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