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Use Java Timer to Set Delay

I was asked by my Sv to include simulation in my work. Fair enough, I’ve been searching for any pre-exist java simulation that work well with graph (not pie char etc). Some one introduce to me JUNG library and GraphViz. I think either one has the potential to be used but I was a bit lazy to go through the documentation and example.

In stead, I was thinking to use my existing digram shape and some how make it change color sequentially. This is where the idea using sleep or delay come in. I can just read the whole shape and put it in an array (just to get sequence). Then read one by one and change it color. Tricky idea for a lazy person :p

So these are some of the web showing how you can achieve it using Java.

Link 1



I’ll put out some of my code tomorrow if everything went well. Wish me luck 😀


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