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Marama Code 110 ~ How to get current shell

I was thinking to create a list box where you can choose from template (Java/C++) to generate concrete test. So got two option, either using awt or swt. The awt example can be found here:

Link1 (to create listbox)

Link2 (to create button)

If you like to you eclipse swt , then you need to know the shell that is running (running workspace shell). How do you get it? Well, there is (I just notice) that you can use a class called EclipseHelper. I’m not sure who create this (either eclipse or someone from the group) but I think this should do the trick.

Shell sh = EclipseHelper.getWorkingWindowShell(); // get current shell

Shell s = new Shell (sh); // this will create a new shell to display

String items[] = { “Java”, “C++”, “C” };

String title = “Template Option”;

new ComboBoxSWT(dialog, title, items);

Why do we need to create new shell? Well, if you don’t create a new one, it will only invoke you running workspace. You dont want that to happen. Cheers.


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