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Marama Code 120 ~ Creating XSLT Java Template

I’m creating an XSLT file that create a customise properties view for a list of test in a diagram. The trouble that I faced during my template creation is the ‘<‘ tag for ArrayList <String> alString = new ArrayList<String>();. XSLT would read the ‘<‘ as one of the processing syntax instead. How to go around this problem?

After reading a couple post on the net and scrolling up and down w3school, I end up using HTML Number to deceive the XSLT processor. Take that XSLT. So, the next time you want to create XSLT template and the processor keep disturbing you, just replace it as HTML code.

Here is my syntax:

ArrayList &#60String&#62 alString = new ArrayList&#60String&#62();


ArrayList <String> alString = new ArrayList<String>();


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This entry was posted on September 29, 2011 by in Java, Life on Marama, XSLT.
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