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ITSB Spring 102 – JSTL HTML Select

This is for making the html select option:

1. JSP file

<form:select path=”cityid” items=”${cityList}” />

2. Controller file

uiModel.addAttribute(“cityList”, cityService.populateCity());

3. Service interface file

public Map populateCity();

4. Service Implementation

public Map populateCity() {
        Map<Integer,String> city = new LinkedHashMap<Integer,String>();
        List<PrCity> prCityList = getCityList();
        if (prCityList != null && !prCityList.isEmpty()) {
            for (PrCity prCity : prCityList) {
                city.put(prCity.getId(), prCity.getName());
        return city;

*** If this is used on the update page and there exists a city that have been selected, the list will automatically showed the selected city.


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